BE Part of History

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BE Part of History

Objects will be posted every Monday on the museum blog, with links on Facebook and Twitter

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BE Part of History – Make it with Penrith and Eden Museum

‘In this project we want you to look at photos and short films of all sorts of things currently locked up in Penrith and Eden Museum that were used by people like us in the past. There will be one artefact each week with a challenge for you to do. Have a look at the artefact sheet attached. (There are 10 in all). The museum is celebrating that their building, Robinson’s School, is 350 years old this year. The curators have selected 10 special items from the collection to share with you.

Be an artist, architect, writer or poet and draw, paint or create something that represents your experience of living, learning and playing under lockdown.

You are making an artefact for future people to see or read, just like the people who made the objects and pictures you are seeing from the museum each week.

Send us a photo of your artwork by 14th August 2020 and we will upload it to our virtual exhibition online (show your work here to all your friends) and once the museum opens again it will appear in a digital exhibition in one of the galleries to share with all our visitors.The little things we do every day and the things we use will be fascinating to people in the future. Here is where you come in!’