Finding Space in Silence

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BlueJam is teaming up with Jess from Growing Poetry to Find Space in Silence: that quiet place from where our imagination can emerge.

We invite you to come on this journey with us - find a place in your house that you don't sit in normally (maybe its the corner of the kitchen, a spot in the hallway, a chair in the garden) and make it cozy. Then, when all is calm, choose some writing inspiration from our booklet, the ones that makes your brain flutter with ideas, the ones that will take you into new worlds or help you explore this one. And then you create, create, create - in writing, or drawing or even recording. This project is for everyone - from children to teenagers to adults, everyone is welcome. 

Once you are done you can submit photographs of your work via e-mail to Jess (our poet) at Your creations will go straight onto our website (and there are other plans in the pipeline to share them with the world too).