Leaves that fell in the spring 2020

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With time to walk the local wood and more importantly time to look more closely at trees, leaves and insects and try to sort one tree out from another, I decided to make leaves that could act as a memory for those I knew who had died and those unknown to me.

I made over 400 fragile porcelain leaves and put them in a local woodland just a mile down the road near Bowscar quarry. My leaves were black-edged as on the old memorial cards from the early 20th century, sent out for a death in the family.

It was a conifer wood and my leaves were of beech, oak, hawthorn, birch and rowan and so should not really have been there but this seemed appropriate. The installation was there for just an hour, sunlight flickering through the tall trees.

I am still making the leaves and will give them away as a memory.


Christine Hurford