Let’s Draw

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Free on line one pencil tutorials with Margaret Shaw

I’ve seen several free art lessons on the internet but most require the student to have or buy art materials. So I thought about a different approach that uses a minimum of art materials that most people will have to hand. Therefore, not needing to go and buy art materials that may never be used again, but hopefully giving an initial interest in lockdown that may lead to taking an interest in art further.

All that’s needed is:

  • A pencil
  • An eraser
  • A ruler
  • A4 paper
  • Cardboard to lean on

These tutorials are suitable for any ability as I provide downloadable copies of the reference material, the finished piece and an outline drawing.

Christine Godwin (a former student) has sent me her efforts and some great feedback:

"Margaret Shaw has a knack of showing you how to draw or paint without patronising. Her online tutorials are set out in a step by step formula which takes you from gridlines, to finished and signed, in a simple, easy to follow way. It's almost as if she's looking over your shoulder as you do it and saying "have you just thought about darkening that shadow a bit more?"

Christine also told me that she hasn’t been in a position to leave her home since February and has enjoyed having projects to work on.

Tutorials can be accessed by clicking here: Tutorials